"Best of the Bay" ParentPress '15-'17

 "Best of the Bay" ParentPress '15-'17

Integrative Pediatric & Adult Psychiatry

Life is messy.  Finding the right help can make all the difference. 

I've devoted my career to the passionate pursuit of the best means of helping individuals and families struggling with life's messiness.  

 I aim for the high level of engagement and trust necessary to foster recovery from complex problems.  



Personalized Psychiatry

Integrating biomarkers with developmental, biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives for personalized recommendations.


  • Which medications/supplements may be most helpful
  • What doses are right for your metabolism
  • What non-medication options would help and how
  • Non-medication treatments considered include:   neurotherapies, biofeedback, meditation, exercise

Biomarkers found through genetic testing, brain wave analysis (qEEG) and other measures often reveal key insights to faster, fuller benefits.  


Talk therapy

My approach is patient-centered and engaging. I place a premium on creating an effective collaboration. I enjoy working with adults, kids and teens.  My goal in any therapy relationship is to facilitate great depth of understanding of one's emotional life.  I care about helping understand the barriers to happiness, satisfaction and in coming to terms with difficult life circumstances, understanding/changing self-defeating behavior or choices. 



Neuromodulation or neurotherapy are fancy words for treatments that try to specifically improve certain areas of brain functioning.  The object is to get the brain to fire in a healthier way. 

  • Think of the brain as an orchestra that must have all parts working in harmony to make beautiful music. 
  • Whether you're interested in optimizing performance or dealing with significant issues, getting the parts of your brain in sync with each other will improve function.

Treatments provided include Neurostimulation (magnetic or weak electrical stimulation) and Neurofeedback.

Neurotherapies are guided by individual characteristics to provide the best approach for each individual.  


For inquiries call: 510-599-2154

Video Consultations available within California only.